8th August at IKLECTIK Art Lab: Trio & Solo

Tom Wheatley / James O’Sullivan / Edward Lucas: Trio
Ute Kanngiesser: Solo
8th August 8pm – £7/5
Old Paradise Yard
20 Carlisle Lane ( Royal Street corner ) next to Archbishop’s Park.
Improvised music from the trio of Tom Wheatley on double bass, James O’Sullivan on electric guitar. and Edward Lucas on trombone; and a cello solo from Ute Kanngiesser
 trio and solo 8th
Using a combination of feedback, conventional guitar techniques, and instrumental preparations, London-based electric guitarist James O’ Sullivan exploits the full sonic potential of electric guitar, amplifier and the environment in which both are placed.
His interest in improvisation, recording and performance has led him to record  and perform internationally, both solo, and with numerous improvised music groups. More longstanding arrangements include Found Drowned, a power-trio with Pete Marsh and Paul May, and his collaboration with Thanos Chrysakis on several releases on the Aural Terrains exploratory music label. His debut solo album ‘feed back couple’, was released on the Forwind label in 2011.
Tom Wheatley is a double bass and electric bass player based in, and native to, London. He plays to open the bass – sonically and physically, musically and surgically – as to open suppressed musics. He is actively involved in new music communities of London and elsewhere, playing with Seymour Wright, Hebronix, Eddie Prévost, John Edwards, CYNTHIA, Mark Sanders, Yoni Silver, Billy Steiger, Denis D’or, Ute Kanngiesser and many others.
Edward Lucas is a trombonist from London. He predominantly plays new and improvised music with many players and groups from London and beyond. He has been involved in this trio with Tom Wheatley and James O’Sullivan for the last few years, soon after they met in the improvisational workshop sessions convened by Eddie Prévost. Together with analogue synthesist (and long standing musical partner) Daniel Kordik, he runs the Earshots Recordings label and concert series.
Ute Kanngiesser is a German cellist based in London.
“For over 10 years, I have only played unscripted/improvised music. I have experimented with the sound of the cello, limiting myself to the alive material at hand: vast and complicated layers within the instrument and myself; and to let this music evolve continuously in relationship with others. It relates to the process of uncovering an endless multiplicity of coexisting sense perspectives. And it deals with the energy that this gives rise to. For me, it is the most exciting place to play music from.”
Most recent and regular collaborations are with  Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright, Tom Wheatley, Paul Abbott, Ross Lambert, and Guillaume Viltard.

04.06.16 Dawn Into Dusk Launch: Tom Wallace / Graham Dunning with Kordik / Webster

Special launch for a new tape on Earshots Recordings, a split release with field recording works by Tom Wallace and Graham Dunning.


4pm, 4th June 2016
Cafe Oto Project Space

This release and other Earshots tapes will be available at a special price for audience members.

Graham Dunning – field recordings dub plates DJ set
Tom Wallace – field recording works
Colin Webster & Daniel Kordik – saxophone and synthesizer duet

Graham Dunning
Dubplates or field recordings have been central to Dunning’s work since his first exhibition in summer 2009. He favours recordings of mundane or prosaic soundscapes, recontextualised to draw attention to the layers, textures and intricacies present in the sounds of day-to-day life. The first time Dunning played a DJ set with the dubplates was at the Merzbarn, Cumbria in 2011, as part of a weekend residency with other experimental musicians. In a nod to Dada absurdity he borrowed the technical gestures and mixing protocol from dancefloor focused DJ sets.

GD-tutntable2-byBlancaRegina.JPG (1)

Tom Wallace
His work is primarily in the acousmatic & radio mediums. Multimedia work has included sound design for the architects Foster and Partners. From 1998 he has collaborated with director Peter Reder on ‘City of Dreams,’ a theatre piece staged in London, Singapore, Brisbane & Bremen & more recently for Vancouver’s PuSH festival in 2011. Working with the London Musician’s Collective he helped set up Resonance104.4FM the UK’s first radio art station in 2002. He has contributed various shows seeking to redefine radio and incorporate other wireless technologies with the radio show ‘London Wireless Soundscape Project.’ As ‘DJ Wrongspeed’ he produced the controversial FM speed-reading ‘Pirate Flava’ show. As a DJ he ran the long running ‘Vinyl Pleasures’ night at London’s Foundry bar.

Tom Wallace

Colin Webster
London based saxophonist Colin Webster is quickly establishing himself on the European avant garde scene. Working with a broad range of collaborators, Webster is know for working from extreme sonic palettes – from minimal to maximal, constantly pushing boundaries.

Colin Webster_photo by Dawid Laskowski

Daniel Kordik
Daniel Kordik is a synthesiser player, improviser and field recordist, born in Bratislava (Slovakia) and currently based in London. Kordik plays regularly in an electronic duo Jamka and an improvised duo with the trombonist Edward Lucas with whom he co-runs the Earshots Recordings label.