Below is a list of upcoming and past concerts: Kordik / Lucas duo, Kordik, or Lucas, or either with other groups, etc.

Upcoming Shows:

22nd February 2018 Cafe Oto London

4th February 2018 Hundred Years Gallery London
3:30pm concert with Douglas Benford, Rachel Musson, Edward Lucas and Lia Mazzari

Past Concerts:

14th November 2017 Arch 1 London

25th October 2017 Cafe Oto London
Skin and Cones – Yoni Silver / Ram Gabay (duo) + Crystabel Riley / Edward Lucas (duo) – 6:30pm

26th September 2017 Sacrum Profanum Festival, Krakow, Poland
Hyperion International Ensemble

26th September 2017 Warsaw Radio, Poland
Hyperion International Ensemble

16th September 2017 Kanjiza Jazz Festival, Art Garni, Serbia
Hyperion International Ensemble

14th September 2017 Enescu Festival, Sala Radio, Bucharest
Hyperion International Ensemble

29th July 2017 Hundred Years Gallery London 7:30pm
Info to follow

17th July 2017 Iklectik London 7:30pm
Info to follow

12th July 2017 Cafe Oto, London 7:30pm
D Kordik / E Lucas (synth/trombone duo)
Eddie Prévost (drums) / N.O. Moore (guitarism) / John Edwards (double bass)

6th July 2017 Quad Studios, Leicester 8pm
E Lucas joining the South Leicestershire Improvisers Ensemble

29th June Location tbc, London 7:30pm
After Work: E Lucas in duet with Artur Vidal as part of an ongoing enquiry into the two instruments (tenor trombone and alto saxophone), their common frequencies and differing range.

10th June 2017 Cafe Oto project space, London 5pm
Daniel Kordik & James L Malone: Earshots recordings launch: Hit Me
Edward Lucas & Daniel Thompson duo

21st May 2017 Arts Cafe, Manor Park Hither Green, London
Linear Obsessional Festival Day 2, 4pm
Kordik / Lucas (synth/trombone duo)
Me, Claudius (female avant-dub noise project)
Oren Marshal (tuba solo)
Greta Pistaceci (theramin and electronics)
Piano music from Conzuaala Kuzenstan

29th March 2017 Flimflam, Ryan’s Bar London
Trio: Steve Noble (drums) / Rachel Musson (tenor sax) / Edward Lucas (trombone)

18th February 2017 Iklectik, London
YoNoBi with KILT
Suzueri (prepared piano with her self-made equipments and toy-piano) and Oshiro Makoto (exposed speaker cone and self-made sound instruments)
Ryoko Akama (self-made sound instruments).
KILT (Kordik/Ikeda/Lucas)

28th January 2017 Iklectik, London
The UK composer’s graphic score performed by an ensemble comprising Antonio Acunzo, Olie Brice, Tony Hardie-Bick, Ken Ikeda, Daniel Kordik, Ed Lucas, Elo Masing, Keisuke Matsui, No Moore, Jordan Muscatello and Ed Pettersen.

4th December 2016 Iklectik (Mopomoso Ballistic)
Daniel Thompson/Guillaume Viltard/Edward Lucas: Guitar, trombone, double bass trio
3rd December 2016 Iklectik (Mopomoso Ballistic)
KILT (Kordik/Ikeda/Lucas)

25th-28th November 2016 25th New River Studios, 27th Cafe Oto, 28th Conway Hall London
2nd December 2016 Heimathaffen Neuekolln Berlin
E Lucas playing as part of Hyperion Ensemble
Iancu Dumitrescu & Ana-Maria Avram’s Spectrum Festival

24th October 2016 Cafe Oto, London
KILT (Kordik/Lucas/Ikeda Trio) new CD launch concert
With S.T.E.P.S. (Seymour Wright & ESW)
£5/Free for Cafe Oto members

17th September 2016 Vortex Jazz Club, London
Mopomoso: KILT (Kordik/Lucas/Ikeda Trio)

11th Sept 2016 Hundred Years Gallery, London
Structure Disasters event
Trio: Daniel Kordik (synth) / Edward Lucas (trombone) / James Malone (guitar)
More details soon

21st/22nd/23rd August 2016 Vortex Jazz Club, London
Fete Quaqua: 3 consecutive concerts organised by Mopomoso with an international group of improvising musicians.

8th August 2016 I’Klectik Art Lab, London
Trio: Tom Wheatley (double Bass) / James O’Sullivan (electric guitar) / Edward Lucas (trombone) & Solo: Ute Kanngiesser (cello)
Special recording session for this long collaborating trio, plus solo set from Ute Kanngiesser

25th July 2016 I’Klectik Art Lab, London
Explorations in new sounds, new consequences, and new energies.  With members of the research and improvisation unit run by Eddie Prevost.

Antonio Acunzo – Piano; Ed Lucas – Trombone; N.O. Moore – Guitarism; Stewart Morgan – Resonant & Percussive Objects; Rachel Musson – Sax; Tom Mills : Synthesiser

11th June 2016 Electric Knife Records, London
KILT (Kordik/Ikeda/Lucas trio) & Ross Lambert guitar live instore at Electric Knife Records.
2pm, Donations

4th June 2016 Cafe Oto Project Space
Tom Wallace & Graham Dunning launch their new split release on Earhsots Recording, both presenting field recording works.
Also playing: Daniel Kordik – synthersiser & Colin Webster – saxophone
4pm £4

24th January 2016 i’Klectik Art Lab SE1
Joshua Weitzel – guitar/shamisen, Ken Ikeda electronics, Massimo Magee – Saxophone, Edward Lucas– trombone, James O’Sullivan – guitar, Chie Nagai – voice and selfmade instruments
Doors 7:30pm | £7/£5

23rd January 2016 Hundred Years Gallery London
Joshua Weitzel – guitar/shamisen, David Stockard – drum, Daniel Kordik – synthesizer, Chie Nagai – voice and selfmade instruments, Eddie Prévost – percussion
Doors 7:30 | Music 8pm | Entry £5 Donation

16th January 2016 Lume at Electric Knife Records
Kordik / Lucas duo will be playing in this afternoon concert at the Electric Knife Record shop in Kentish Town.

14th January 2016 Foley Street Improvised Music Series
Trio: Daniel Thompson (guitar) / Danel Kordik (synth) / Edward Lucas (trombone)
Duo: Benedict Taylor (viola) / Tom Jackson (clarinet)
Upstairs at the King and Queen pub, Foley Street W1 6DL. Doors 8pm (music 8:30pm), £6/£4

26th November 2015 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival
Daniel Kordik will be playing with other guests at Eddie Prévost’s Workshop concert, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival

7th November 2015 Hundred Years Gallery
Earshots! Improvised music and field recording works.
Jonas Gruska: Field Recordings
Edward Lucas & Sarah Gail Brand: Trombone Duet
Massimo Magee: Clarinet Solo

2nd November 2015 i’Klectik Art Lab SE1
Exploratoria, the monthly concert series with musicians drawn from the workshop first convened by Eddie Prévost in 1999.

8th September 2015 Arch 1 London E16
Improvisation Tuesdays at Arch 1

30th August 2015 Hundred Years Gallery E2
Part of the 3 day CRAM records festival, 7:30pm
Solo: Edward Lucas
Duo: Jeniffer Allum and Eddie Prévost
Trio: Adam Bohman, Sue Lynch and Adrian Northover
Entry: £6 one concert (afternoon or evening), £9 one day pass, £18 one festival / 3 day pass

9th July 2015 Foley Street London W1
The monthly improvised music concert series upstairs at the King and Queen pub on Foley Street: TRIO Daniel Thompson (guitar) / Claude Colpeart (trombone) / Edward Lucas (trombone)
TRIO Neil Metcalfe (flute) / Marcio Mattos (bass) / John Rangecroft (clarinet)
details to follow…

6th July 2015 i’Klectik Art Lab SE1
A new monthly concert series with musicians drawn from the workshop first convened by Eddie Prévost in 1999. With Edward Lucas, David Stockard, David O’Connor, Ute Kanngiesser, Marjolaine Charbin, N.O. Moore and Joe Wright
Doors 7:30pm, Music at 8
£6 entry fee |

29th June 2015 Vortex
Ian Macgowan’s 50th Birthday event.
Brass group starts at 6pm in Gillett Square outside the vortex, followed by various ensembles inside. See the link for more info!

25th June 2015 Lume at Long White Cloud
Kordik Lucas Duo playing at the regular Lume club on Hackney Road.
& Dee Byrne Solo

21st June i’Klectik Art Lab, London SE1
Daniel Kordik and Edward Lucas are taking part in an afternoon group improvisation as part of the oSciLlaTioNs Summer Solstice festival at the i’Klectik Art Lab
Also playing in this concert: Daniel Thompson (guitar). Neil Metcalfe (flute). Tom Jackson (clarinet), David Stockard (percussion) and Tom Wheatley (double bass).
oSciLlaTioNs public Facebook event

2nd June 2015 Arch 1, London
Tsk? : David O’Connor (baritone sax) / Iris Ederer (voice)
KLST! : Daniel Kordik (synthesiser) / Edward Lucas (trombone) / David Stockard (percussion)
Arch 1, Cranberry Lane E16 4BJ / 8PM / £5

30th May 2015 i’klectik Art Lab, London SE1
Number 7: Yoni Silver/Jennifer Allum/Angharad Davies [Violins] / Edward lucas [Trombone]
Yoni Silver [Bass Clarinet] / Sharon Gal [Voice & Electronics]

20th May 2015 Hundred Years Gallery
Edwards/Wheatley double bass duet earshots launch, with a trio comprising Daniel Kordik / Eddie Prévost / Edward Lucas. 7:30pm £5 donation

28th March 2015 Brilliant Corners Festival, Belfast:
Duo of Edward Lucas (trombone) and David W Stockard (percussion). In support of a solo set by guitarist Fred Frith.

8th February 2015 Lume at the Vortex
Lucas will be playing as 1/10 of the Roland Ramanan Tentet at a night presented by the Lume concert series

7th February 2015 Earshots! 6 at the Hundred Years Gallery

17th January 2015 Hideous Replica at Apiary Studios Hackney Road:
Kordik / Lucas (analogue synths & trombone) duo will played at this all day event.

11th January 2015 Cram at the Hundred Years Gallery:
• Tom Jackson (clarinets) & Ashley John Long (double bass) 
• Steve Noble (drums/percussion)& Daniel Thompson (guitar) & Edward Lucas (trombone) 
• Anton Mobin (prepared chamber) & Benedict Taylor (viola)

4th November 2014 Arch 1 West Ham:
Jordan Muscatello – Double Bass / Edward Lucas – Trombone / Rachel Musson – Tenor Sax / Antonio Acunzo – Piano —-

23rd October 2014 Lume club, Long White Cloud, Hackney Road: Trio (Daniel Thompson – Guitar / Paul May– Drums / Edward Lucas – Trombone) —–

8th October 2014 Foley Street Concert Series, King and Queen Pub Foley Street: Two Duos Edward Lucas – Trombone / Daniel Thompson – Guitar & Benedict Taylor – Viola / Tom Jackson – Clarinet. —–

7th October 2014 Arch 1 West Ham
Two Trios
Eddie Prévost – percussion / David O’Connor – baritone saxophone / Daniel Kordik – analogue synthesizers
Illi Adato – electronics/percussion / Tom Mills – theremin / Iris Ederer – voice & electronics ——

30th September 2014 Vortex Jazz Club: with the Roland Ramanan Tentet

10th September 2014 Power Lunches Kingsland Road: New Earshots cassette release (EAR002 Kordik / Lucas): Daniel Kordik + Edward Lucas trombone synth duo; Graham Dunning + Colin Webster turntable sax duo.
Stay posted for more details, or visit the Power Lunches listings:

1st September 2014 Trieste, Italy
Edward Lucas Duo with Francesco Costa

17th-19th August 2014 Vortex Jazz Club: Fete Quaqua (presented by Mopomoso and directed by John Russell. Improvisations with 12 musicians from around the world!

12th August 2014, Arch 1: TBC Improvised Brass Quintet (David Powell Tuba / Edward Lucas Trombone / Julian Faultless French Horn / Ian MacGowan Flugelhorn / Roland Ramanan Trumpet)

5th August 2014, Arch 1, London
Trio: Edward Lucas – trombone / Iris Ederer – voice / Paul Taylor – trombone. Also playing: David O’Connor, Tony Hardy-Bick, Michael Zacherl.

27th July 2014, Cafe Oto: Roland Ramanan Tentet

6th July 2014, Cafe Oto, London Improvisers Orchestra

17th July 2014, Arch 1,
Quintet: Daniel Thompson/Edward Lucas/Andrew Lisle/Roland Ramanan/Tom Wheatley

12th March 2014, Cafe Oto
Kordik / Lucas duo, opposite Jooklo Duo and Gelba

18th November 2013, Endnotes Launch Party, Limehouse Town Hall
Kordik / Lucas duo

24th November 2013, The Horse Improv Club, Kennington
Kordik / Lucas duo

October 2013, As Alike at Trees Festival, Cafe Oto (as part of Atmospheric Disturbances)

13th August, Arch1 London
Kordik / Lucas trio with Ross Lambert.

20th March, 2013, Lumiere, London (88 Chatsworth Road)
First Kordik Lucas album launch as part of the Uncharted Soundscapes concert series

28th February, 2013,Noise=Noise, London, UK
Kordik / Lucas duo

23rd January, 2013, FlimFlam, London, UK
Kordik / Lucas duo

8th December, 2012, Next Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia
Kordik Lucas Duo

6th December, 2012, Club Integral, London, UK
Kordik / Lucas duo

July 2012, Trieste & Udine Italy
Edward Lucas 2 duos with Francesco Costa

27th March, 2012, The Others, London
Kordik Lucas duo


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